International day of Women

So, it is MARCH 8 and here’s wishing all the women out there a happy International day of Women. It was originally termed as international working women’s day. The earliest women’s day observance was held on february 28,1909,in New York organised by the Socialist Party of America in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union.The International Women’s Day theme for 2016 was “planet 50-50 by 2030:step it up for gender equality!”. An independent campaign,separate from the UN,was run by the financial firm EY with other corporate partners,organising events. Despite of the various efforts done by various governments of different countries,the problem
of gender inequality still persists. Minor,not very significant efforts have been done all over the world but the irony is that none of them directly address the issue of WOMEN MOLESTATION OR HARASSMENT. Women have been subjected to inferior status, ill treatment since ancient times. During the 19th and 20th century,major steps to begin the process of ensuring gender equality were taken like abolishment of sati,widow remarriage act in India, three waves of feminism in USA,and many more. Unlike other articles,this article is not intended to belittle the importance of men.the sole purpose of this article is to understand that the need of the hour is to realise why is it important to NOT ill treat women and give them the respect,the dignity,the honor the deserve as the male community receives.
“There is one in the world who feels for him who is sad a keener pang than he feels for himself;there is one to who reflected joy is better than that which comes direct;there is one who rejoices in another’s honor,more than in any which is one’s own;there is one on whom
another’s transcendent excellence sheds on beam but that of delight;there is one who hides another’s infirmities more faithfully than one’s own;there is one who loses all sense of self in the sentiment of kindness,tenderness and devotion to another;that one is woman-
Washington Irving” “There is a woman at the beginning of all great things- Lamartine” I could literally go on and go with innumerable quotes on women given by established and famous people and still feel like quoting another quote. But just highlighting quotes written
on women by such people is not what i am trying to bring out through this article.
A woman as a mother,tries to protect her family;as a daughter,tries to live up to the expectations of her father;as a wife,tries to be the strong standing pillar supporting the building her husband is trying to build.

Lamartine rightly said that a woman is the root at which all great things begin because all great men that ever took birth on earth and caused the most amazing changes on earth ere
given birth by a woman, their MOM! We celebrate their achievements and often credit their fathers for their success,but no one has ever understood that in order to be remembered as a great personality one must be a good human being which can only be taught by a mother. All
those people who have changed lives of other people,initiated revolutions were all sons of great mothers who parented equally well as their fathers did.
“Woman is like the reed which bends to every breeze,but breaks not in the tempest- Whately”. Woman do a fantastic job and do justice to every role they play in other people’s lives still we forget to appreciate them instead harass them both emotionally and physically.
Why does the UN have the need to remind us every year that we must celebrate the success of women in the same way as we celebrate the success of men? Why is there a need to celebrate women officially when we can do it by stop causing trouble for them? We all know about the crimes like rape,female foeticide, domestic violence,etc therefore I am not going to get into the details.
This is for all the people who still think that crimes committed against women are none of their concern as those are very personal and one does not have to be bothered and be worried since they do not harass women and neither has any female ever been subjected to ill treatment in their family or acquaintances.. I have just one question for all of you, ‘ HOW DOES YOUR CONSCIOUS NOT URGE YOU TO RAISE A VOICE AND FIGHT AGAINST IT
Before we go any further,i must also inform the readers that it is not just men that harass women, women harass women as well, just the ways differ. To elaborate further, every female that advises another female to not speak up against the ill-treatment given to her and accept the fact that it has happened to her because she is a female and should not report it. Is also termed as harassment. Every time a mother advises her daughter to accept that it is no big deal if she was raped or hit by her father,husband,or brother, is harassment. “Women have more strength in looks,than we have in our laws; and more power in their tears than we have in our arguments” Hence as humans we must understand that we should not cause any sort of mental disturbance or physical harm to women.
Our sacred books, the books we worship: Bhagavad Gita,The Holy Bible, Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Quran only preach that ‘all humans and animals must be treated with respect’’ and i hope that It is obvious by now that all women fall under the category of all humans.



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