14370441_1053006194796550_7379808068221044700_nHey There! I am Randeep Singh. I have been writing travel memoirs and penning short poems. I am in my senior high school year. Already done with SATs and aspire to lead a technological supergiant as their CEO. Here is a piece I wrote a long time back on myself. I look forward for your feedback.


Oh you life! How much do we need to fight?
We will never win in this game,
Neither me nor you, till our last sight,
But in that last sight, remember my name,
Randeep! And deep is light,
And light never requires a lifeless body or pinnacle of universe to achieve the fame!
Don’t you dare to look down now,
Accept it, you lost even in your victory,
Try to console yourself somehow,
And fight your way with your history,
Somewhere you’ll find the only name you know,
Randeep! From the rarest of rare of your unsolved mystery!
You already tried to kill me in every dark,
Which surrounded me every night, I lived,
Even in the womb I stayed with that birthmark,
You gave, and you know what, I survived,
And that was my return gift for you as my immortal mark,
As Randeep fought his way and you were surprised!
Accept it now; your end was near,
My freedom stood right there,
In front of my eyes and don’t you fear,
I lives by choice and will stay rare,
Even if you win by killing me with her last tear,
Remember my name and I’ll be back to win, I swear!
And I see that doubt in your smile,
You already lost with your victory, today,
I pray from your god, life, to keep me away from you,
Or trust me I’ll kill you and your god in his doomsday,
And those which who never existed face no trial,
Randeep is the name and you will never come again after this day!